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Please keep in mind that this list is composed of suggestions; you don't have to use these when you RP! There's more than one park, cemetary, or most anything that can be found on the list. However, if you do use a certain location long enough to give it a 'history', then we do ask that you request that it be added.

Otherwise, have a location you'd like to see in Allupato? Contact us or leave a comment here and we'll see what we can do!


ALLUPATO MUSEO DI STORIA NATURALE - This is a natural history museum, located in a more secluded area of the center of the city. Nevertheless, it gets a decent amount of traffic, both from tourists and groups of students on field trips. Though it's not hugely known in the world museum scene, as it were, the Museo di Storia Naturale tends to have one traveling exhibit every three months.

ALBUM DELL'IMPERO - A privately owned record shop that sells mainly older music. Home of old time cassette tapes, CDs, and even a few vinyls. The shop's walls are littered with band posters, most of them turning yellow on the edges. Most of the employees are teenagers to 20-somethings who look baked or just generally uninterested. Come prepared to find what you want on your own, it's almost impossible to get an employee's attention.

BRUNELLA'S BEAUTY SALON - At a location you could consider the edge of the city center, Brunella is dedicated to making the residents of Allupato look more beautiful. The prices are affordable considering the quality of service, making Brunella's an open secret among the townsfolk.

CECITÀ NOTTURNA NIGHTCLUB - Come in and dance the night away. This is a favorite spot for Allupato's clubbing scene, and has a decent bar as well as a large dance floor. Strangely enough, deaths in this establishment happen more often than they should for a club of this type, but that's something the management does their best to keep it quiet. Whatever strings they have on the local newspapers seems to be working to their benefit.

SERENATA OPERA HOUSE - Built back in the 1700s, this opera house has been kept renovated to preserve the original style, as well as to make sure customers keep flowing in. While not every opera and play shown there are nationally acclaimed, the Serenata still attracts many of Allupato's rich and elite into its gilded halls.

SONNO PACIFICO HOTEL - One of the many hotels that have accumulated in Allupato, the Sonno Pacifico is notable for being fairly affordable, and being not too far away from the shopping strip. It has a small restaurant that often attracts customers that aren't staying at the hotel itself. There's rumors that the Sonno Pacifico might be haunted, but other than a few strange complaints from tourists, no one's been able to verify it.

TESORI DI CARTA - A small bookstore located amidst a lot of popular shops on the main shopping strip, it's amazing that the place manages to stay open. It's family owned and has a surprisingly varied selection for such a limited space, offering books in a few different languages other than Italian and English.

TOWN SQUARE - It's the town square, paved with worn cobblestone. It's fairly crowded most of the time, considering all the popular businesses surrounding it. Smack dab in the center of the square is a statue of Aphrodite and her cherubic son, Eros.

VELOCE NEGOZIO - The name might sound fancy, but this is just a convenience store that's directly across the street from the Sonno Pacifico Hotel. They sell a lot of the typical convenience store things, like beer and twinkies and condoms.

VINO DONNE E CANZONE - This is a rather popular bar, situated right off the town square. As you can guess, quite a few tourists can be found here, and most locals shun it in favor of quieter places.


D'ORAZIO MONUMENTO BIBLIOTECA - Nestled in the oldest section of the district, this is a library that many overlook. While it is open to the public, it's mostly a reference library of works collected by the D'Orazio family over the last 200 years. There's no telling just how much of the collection isn't for public view...

LA FRATELLANZA - This comic book store is fairly large and does good business, thanks to its location. There's usually people in the back rooms playing card or roleplaying games. To the uninitiated, the store smells rather like unwashed geek.

LAGANUM CAKE SHOP - This cake shop does brisk business, which isn't surprising considering what they sell. While they specialize in cakes, they occasionally have other wonderful pastries to offer as well. Don't want to wait until you get home? Not a problem - there's a small amount of seating within the bakery as well.

NATURA VIVA PARK - A park not too far from the nicer side of the district, it's always nicely kept, making it a popular spot for families to spend the day. Aside from a duck pond, there's also a path for jogging or biking, plenty of benches, and a playground for the little tykes. While there might be lots of trees in the park as well, the upkeep guarantees that hiding in them wouldn't be easy - for mere mortals, anyway.

ST. ALEXANDER'S CATHEDRAL - Located in a nice, quiet part of the city, this cathedral is open to the public and has regular services every Sunday. It's a beautiful old building with a few statues and a bell tower that rises far above street level. The ringing bells can be heard halfway across the residential district when they are sounded.

VISPO VOLPE - In close vicinity to the cake shop, this cafe is a nice place to get your daily espresso or other favorite brew without the rush of the center city. Having been run by the same family for at least five generations you can expect a homey atmosphere in which you'll be called by name if you're a regular and get a smile and some kind words even if you're not. They have their own specialty brews that are a closely guarded secret so if you're looking for a change of pace from the usual commercial blends then stop in!

ZONA PERICOLOSA MINIGOLF - Mini-golf for the masses, the motif of this particular putt-putt course involves an overuse of yellow and black along with colorful neon lights. Can you hit the ball into the clown's mouth and make his nose glow?


BACIO DI BACIO - This is a weapons shop that operates out of the back of a factory that prints telephone books. The shop itself is unmarked, small, and seedy. Don't let that turn you off of its charms, though; as long as you have the money for it, they don't ask questions when their customers come in looking for strange equipment. They can't offer very powerful weaponry, and mostly specialize in guns, but they certainly do take specialty orders.

GATTO RANDAGIO STRIP CLUB - The translation of this club's name, 'alley cat', is a fairly good description of how the building looks itself. It's a little nicer on the inside, at least, and while it's not an upscale club of any sort there's always a sizeable crowd of patrons. Wednesdays is Ladies' Night, and the only night the club has male strippers to offer.

LA NOTTE CEMETERY - This cemetery was along ago filled to capacity, and is no longer used. The only upkeep happens when someone complains about it; as a result, the cemetery is overgrown with weeds and brush. It's a favorite tactic of local teenagers to dare others to cross through it at night. Sometimes, they go inside and don't come back.

PERIFERIA (Outskirts)

ALLUPATO BEACH AND HARBOR - The city of Allupato is bordered by the Ionian Sea to the east, which results in a very sizeable stretch of beach. Predicably, it's very popular with tourists, but there are still secluded areas of the beach if you know where to look. There's also a large harbor, used for trade, fishing, and transport.

ALTO DEI CIELI OBSERVATORY - Thanks to the close proximity of the Aspromonte mountain range, the Alto Dei Cieli Observatory is only far enough from the city to avoid light pollution, and yet elevated far enough to have a clear view of the stars. It is open to the public on the weekends, and closed during the weekday for scientists to use.

FERELLE FOREST - A sizeable stretch of forest that borders the city to the north and stretches parallel to the coast for a time, the Ferelle Forest is actually quite typical of forests in this climate. It's segmented thanks to a few highways that wind through it, but excepting the designated camping areas is mostly distant enough from a human presence for the wildlife to live comfortably.

NARCISO FAMILY RUINS - This is an actual castle, if a small one, in complete disrepair thanks to the passage of time. Half of the castle has collapsed inwards, and the whole thing is nothing but ruins now. While the land is fenced off and warns against trespassers, there's still rumors that the castle hides a passage that leads to an underground labyrinth...

TRE PARTI SUPERIORI - Come one, come all, to the horse races! Despite being so far out of the city, quite a few tourists come here to easily lose their hard-earned cash. There's a nice little restaurant here as well that overlooks the tracks.
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