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1: Maturity is a must. Quaque Nocte is a horror game with all sorts of adult themes. We are potentially not going to disallow anything your twisted little heart desires when it comes to sexual content and violence. As long as you're not screwing just for the sake of screwing or killing other people just for the sake of killing other people, we don't care. In other words, your characters should act in a way that is realistic for them in this setting. However, we ask that all applicants be mature enough to handle this sort of content. The preferred age for applicants is 16. We reserve the right to reject applications based on maturity, and please don't argue that it's hard to tell, because it really isn't. At any rate, anything with content above an R rating must both be marked and the post f-locked to the community.

2: IC actions = IC consequences. In a game like QN, this is something very important to remember. What you do in-character is going to have definite consequences. Don't go around posting publicly on the network saying that you're a monster - you'll likely have a few hunters knocking on your door shortly after. Likewise, hunters shouldn't outright advertise what they are, because that's a very good way for them to be targeted by angry monsters. This is extremely important in this game because if your character is foolish enough to post something that indicates that they are of the supernatural nature they will be kidnapped by Chrysalis and they will be experimented on. So please keep these sorts of things in mind when you have your character do things.

3: We're looking for quality writing. Yes, this is a game, but it's also only as much fun as you put into it. So, this means no God-moding, no Mary Sues, no playing other people's characters for them, and please make sure your roleplaying has substance. If we accept you into the game, that means we like your writing - so don't take it as an excuse to slack off. This might sound mean, but we don't want people in the game who apply and only take up space.

4: No drama. Remember - this is a game. We're all here to have fun with our writing. We don't want to see harassment happen anywhere here. If your characters fight like cats and dogs, that's fine, as long as you don't do it OOCly. If you don't like another player in the game, and can't stand playing with them? Then don't. It's that simple. We'd like it if you could civilly settle all disagreements with your fellow player directly, but if you think it's something we need to get involved with then please reply to the player complaint post and we will be sure to help you out. Oh, and be sure to put 'The leader of the pack' as the answer to the last question on the application.

5: Follow our guidelines. We put up all that stuff on the races and the setting for a reason. You must follow these! Otherwise, there'd be a lot of confusion, and that's never a good thing. If you're ever in doubt about something, please, ask us first. We'll help you figure out how things should go. This means that even if you're applying as a character from another supernatural-genre media, they have to be changed to fit the setting as well, no matter how large or small that change is. If they fit in as they are, that's fine.

6: Post at least once every week. And by week we mean a real life week, not an in-game week. We don't mind if it's a log or a journal post, just as long as you don't do only journal posts and never any logs. If you join this game, please be active; we don't want anyone joining just to take up a spot. But most of all, we want to see the game be active! You're certainly not limited when it comes to posting more often. :) If you need to go on hiatus, either make a post in the OOC comm or inform a mod. We'll allow hiatuses of up to five weeks before considering a removal due to inactivity.

7: Be sure to read the biographies of other characters if you're from the same canon. This being an AU game, the backgrounds of certain characters may potentially be very different than it is in the show they came from. If you're apping from the same canon, make sure to check their biographies! This is why we think everyone must put their character's biographies in their profile. If you have problems with getting your ideas to fit, feel free to contact either the other players or us mods about it. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE DO IT

8: There is a limit of three characters from the same canon per player. We especially encourage a wide variety of canons in this game, and besides, it's no fun for someone to be monopolizing characters from a canon that other people are interested in. That said, when playing characters from the same canon, none can have major family/friend ties with each other. For instance, you can't apply to play the brother or the best friend of another character you have. If you're unsure about whether or not a character is this closely affiliated with another, just ask us about it.

9: Use your judgment when picking a character to apply for. While we are not banning any series, we ask you use common sense. We don't mind you applying for someone from a crack show, as long as you realize that this game is a serious setting and you adapt them to fit it. When in doubt about your idea to make a character fit in, just ask a mod. We'd be glad to give you feedback on it.

10: Do not filter to a certain species when making a post. It is completely impossible for one character to know what species every person on the network is, and so a filter like that would not work. Do not do it.
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