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FOR THE quaquenocte COMMUNITY:
Roleplaying can be done through either threading or AIM, and are to be posted to the quaquenocte community. Any narratives are to be posted as well, in the same format, if you feel so inclined.

Please, please try to finish one thread before starting another. We're aware that real life often gets in the way, but an unfinished scene is a sad thing. If the scene hasn't been wrapped up, please discuss with the other people involved whether it should be marked as closed.

Here's a handy guide for how to label your threads and logs:

This is all fairly self-explanatory, however we also ask that you add in tags with the names of each character involved, the location, and the week the thread took place in.

It's important to note that we'll be handing time in this game a bit differently. For every two weeks that pass, only one week will pass in the game. This rate may be faster or slower depending on posting frequency; in any case, there will be a mod post at the start of each new in-game week to announce it.

FOR JOURNALS AND laberalege:
All journals and laberalege are connected and public in the city of Allupato; consider it a city-wide journal network.

JOURNALS are, of course, to be used as a personal journal. You're free to put it to other uses if you wish; just be aware that IC narratives are better off being posted in quaquenocte itself. When posting on personal journals, you are allowed to mark certain entries or even parts of entries as 'private', whether private altogether or only readable by other people - in this case, please put it under a properly marked LJ cut.

Beware, some characters that are computer-savvy may try to hack your private posts! This is, of course, an in-game mechanic and not a literal hacking, so please don't be alarmed. When marking a post as private, please put in some degree of how hard it would be to hack. For example, putting 'Private, weak security' means that it would be easy for the post to be hacked. However, unless privately arranged by the characters involved, only characters that specifically have a hacking skill described in their application will be able to do this.

Characters that do have the hacking skill are welcome to either IM or e-mail the mods in regards to if they have access to each post they are interested in hacking. We the mods will check the character's skill versus the difficulty of the post. Beware, if a hacker is unsuccessful, the owner of the journal post just might be tipped off about it.

PLEASE DO NOT F-LOCK YOUR JOURNAL ENTIRES OR USE A LIVEJOURNAL FRIENDS LIST FILTER Just don't do it. It's hard for everyone to see your entires, and just creates more hassle than anything else.

laberalege is the first place the online residents of Allupato go to find job postings, put up notices about their lost pets, and even strike up random conversations. Posts here CANNOT be marked as private; you can try, but everyone will just laugh at you.

This is a good place to post anything that a character would want to draw attention to. Please do not use this as a personal journal; you can try of course, but everyone will laugh at you again.

FOR verepersona, THE OOC COMM:
Go wild. :) Just friends-lock anything with questionable content. Please also limit this to game-related OOC; for random chat, please use quacknachos.

FOR meiudice:
The mods will post with this journal to announce game news, updates to any of the rules, and may occasionally post as NPCs as well. Be sure to pay attention to everything posted by this journal!
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