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Please fill out the following and send to quaquenoctemods[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject APPLICATION FOR [CHARACTER NAME].

Skipping all the bits things like Name and Gender, which I hope should explain itself, here is a brief explanation of what we're looking for. All sections can be as long as you feel is necessary to convey your point. This can be a paragraph up to a page or two, it's really up to you. We will ask you for more information if we don't feel like you've captured your character, so please be open to that. The end is a little funny question to see if you've read the rules, and if you have you'll know what to do.

For APPEARANCE we would like you to describe how your character looks in this world. Any changes you have made to your character's appearance should be noted. Also if your character is a werecreature, please describe their animal and beast forms for us. Also we are in Italy, and the clothing in Allupato is that of the 1800s mixed in with the future, so please take that into consideration if you character is from Allupato originally. If they are not then they need not take the fashions into consideration, even though tourists are still welcome to wear the same clothes.

Under PERSONALITY just explain your how your character acts. Are they angry? Extremely cheerful? Laid back? What makes your character tick? Cover the most important aspects of their personality here, and tell us if it changes for any reason. Example: A werewolf might be laid back most of the time, but perhaps they get temperamental and short with others during the full moon.

ABILITIES/WEAPONRY covers anything not listed under the description laid out for your character's species. If they are a vampire, please do not tell us they can drink blood. However, please do tell us their age, because that is a very important factor. If you are applying for a fey creature, please tell us what creature and describe what abilities you would like them to have. If you are applying for a magic user, tell us what kind of magic they are using and what sorts of spells you would like them to be able to cast.

Other than that, please list anything else that might fall under this section. Do they carry a gun? A knife? Do they know martial arts? All of that goes here.

WEAKNESSES is a section much like the previous one. Please do not tell us that your werecreature is weak against silver, we know that. Perhaps your character has a problem attacking children, or has a mental illness, or something of that nature.

For HISTORY we would like you to tell us where your character comes from. This being an AU RP, you'll need to adapt their history to this world. Don't worry, this isn't as daunting at it sounds! We just need to know what would be different in this world, and what sort of events have made them the person they are today. An example would be say, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. We don't need to know every detail of his life, but we do need to know when and how he turned into a werewolf, how he's dealing with that, and how he got to Italy.

Under ORGANIZATION/PACK/CLAN/GUILD please indicate what, if any, group you wish to join. We suggest you look at the list provided here for options. If any of them are open to new members, feel free to list the group in your application. If you want to make your own group, see that page for instructions on what we need from you to make your own group. You don't have to join one, but the option is available.

For the samples you need to make a Role Play up. This will be in the third person and can be as long or short as you like, though we'd really like it to be at least 300 words in length. The scenario is entirely up to you. The other part is a sample Journal Post which needs to be in first person. This can be any length as well, and can have any state of grammar, spelling, and punctuation you see your character having.
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