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quaquenocte MODS

We are so judgemental


Quaque Nocte is a supernatural-based Alternate Universe multifandom game. This means that you get to take your favorite characters from just about any sort of series and change them to fit the setting. You may make the character as 'alternate' as you please in this fashion, just as long as you keep them recognizable.

The world of Quaque Nocte is set in a city that is superficially similar to cities of our own time. It's the year 4024, but in recent times there's been a backslide when it comes to both fashion and technology. While the technology and indeed the general state of the world is as it is now [circa 2008], the people are far more superstitious and fearful of what they don't understand. It's much like the 1800s in both style of dress and general mannerisms, though of course many people choose to mix more modern fashion in with their ruffles and lace.

The game takes place in the large city of Allupato, located in the southern Italian region of what was once Calabria. It is an Italian city that, while by no means in the dark ages, is still not very advanced when it comes to technology while still having all the basic resources a city its size requires. While Italian is of course the main language, more than half the residents also speak English in the interest of encouraging tourism. Of course, like any other city, Allupato has its fair share of supernatural occurrences. It's people are very fearful of the unknown and seem much more traditional than people in some of the more modern cities of the world. They are by no means uneducated or uncultured, but they are people set in their ways and stay true to their Italian roots. It was a city full of peace, if not the random strange occurrence until February of 4024.

In that month, the mysterious group Chrysalis took over the entire city. They spread propaganda about the Saevio virus and have had the city controlled with an iron fist since that day. The CVCU, Chrysalis Virus Containment Unit, takes away all people who exhibit the symptoms of the Saevio virus and they are never seen again. The city itself frequently goes into total quarantine where it goes into lock down. The populace fears Chrysalis, but not as much as they fear the threat of being infected, and they've submitted willingly to their rule. Under this facade of helping the citizens, Chrysalis is doing dark work to suit their own ends that are as of yet unclear to anyone. Questioning their methods will surely buy you visit from the CVCU and you can be sure it won't be a pleasant one.
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